Restore Your Glow with a Massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso

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You deserve a break from your busy life. Nourish your body with one of our luxurious and serenity-inducing massages. At the Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso, our massages infuse ancient healing practices with fragrant aromatic oils and deft massage strokes for a lasting calm that you’ll love.

An Unforgettable Journey at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso

The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso is a tranquil retreat from the world. When you step into our spa, we’ll greet you with a luxuriant and soft robe, gentle reflexology sandals, and a warm smile. You’ll relax in our Quiet Room where you can sip a specially brewed loose leaf tea and enjoy the peace and stillness. Your massage journey at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso is just starting.

Our Soul-Enriching Massage Experiences in El Paso

At The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso, we offer an extensive massage menu so you can find the techniques that inspire you to deep relaxation and peace of mind.

  • The Woodhouse Signature Four-Handed Massage. Our unique spa experience in which two therapists perform an exquisite synchronized massage to bring you deep relaxation.
  • Duet Massage. A calming massage for two that encourages connection and unity, to be enjoyed in a serene and private setting.
  • Therapeutic Stone Message.  A full-body massage that glides warm stones across your body to improve tone, muscle, and to bring on tranquility.  
  • Balancing Yoga Massage. Get increased energy with this incredible massage, which uses ancient healing techniques, deep stretching, and acupressure to soothe away aches and pain.
  • Deep Tissue Massage. An intensely pleasing massage infused with trigger point therapy and sports massage to ease inflammation, strain, and stress.
  • Swedish Massage. This classic massage uses deeply flowing motions to induce a lovely feeling of serenity.
  • Relaxing Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage. An essential oil treatment combined with a deeply focused massage to relax your muscles and reinvigorate your body.
  • Reflexology Foot Massage. Using the ancient art of reflexology to bring incredible relaxation by massaging your feet.
  • Mellow Mama. For expecting mothers, to bring comfort to puffy, aching feet and tired muscles with a safe and delightful massage.
  • Gentleman’s Therapeutic Stone Massage. A luxuriously satisfying, full-body massage.
  • Gentleman’s Deep Tissue Massage.  This incredible massage uses sports massage and trigger point therapy to help relieve inflammation, stress, and strain.
  • Citrus-Cilantro & Honey Massage. A delicious head-to-toe massage that uses warm honey and an aloe serum to restore your feet.

Ease your body and mind with a decadent massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso. Call us at 915-234-3955 to book your visit today. 

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