A Luxuriant Manicure at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso

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If your hands are feeling dry or worn out, it’s time to treat yourself to a visit at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso for one of our decadent manicures. Let us lavish care on your hands and restore them to their soft elegance. Join us at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso for a stunning and transformative experience.

Our Holistic Approach in El Paso

At The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso, our manicures and spa treatments incorporate our spa philosophy. We know that a beautiful and healthy body is linked to a happy, healthful mind and soul. Sip on a calming loose-leaf tea brew and soak up the stillness. When you come to The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso, you’ll slip into a deeply tranquil environment where your mind and body are at peace. We use wholesome and bountiful natural ingredients to feed your skin the rich nutrients it needs, while our massage therapists will melt away the stress in your muscles for deep relaxation.

The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso Manicure Menu

At The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso, our manicures use gentle and deeply restorative care treatments for beautiful and soft hands. Sink into one of our blissful manicure experiences:  

  • The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat. Renew your lovely skin with this specially crafted signature experience that combines a luxurious exfoliation with a deep massage, a warm Atlantic seaweed wrap, and a lush hand creme. Simply divine.
  • Warm Agave Nectar Manicure. Nourish your hands with this gently aromatic nectar and natural oil treatment that relieves dry skin for a healthy and soft glow.
  • Spritzer Manicure. Get soft and satiny hands with a manicure that combines massage with gentle botanicals and essential oil treatments. Our classic.
  • Gentlemen’s Manicure. A stress-relieving manicure that renews, restores, and moisturizes your hands.
  • Avocado-Lime & Honey Mani. Soak in this fragrantly exquisite manicure made with fresh and delicious ingredients, including a citrus cilantro oil, whipped citrus and shea butter sugar exfoliation, an avocado butter mask, and a warm honey and papaya serum. Your hands have never felt – or smelled – so good.
  • Immaculate Wear. Get gorgeous-looking nails with your choice of a 7-day or 14-day durable polish, designed to withstand normal daily wear.

Get a manicure you love at The Woodhouse Day Spa – El Paso. Book your luxurious spa journey at 915-234-3955 – and we’ll see you soon.


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